I’ve stumbled upon and mostly by accident a beautiful art form that has lied buried vintage bottlesbeneath the soil for upwards of 80 years. These shards of broken glass are symbols of an era long gone and yet, I have been able to re-claim and re-purpose them as a reminder of another place in time.

How I came upon these treasures was by the way of my inspirited desire to seek out something different, something that would challenge me creatively and artistically, so it was my travels through history to a select few old farms throughout California, as well as old abandon glass factories and ghost towns which made this a reality.

What I discovered was deposits of old broken glass, but these were beautiful broken shards had a historical narrative. And I wanted to preserve them even though they were no longer whole.

Why, because they represent a composition of materials that can never be duplicated which makes their colors and beauty so unique and quite honestly, rare.

junkyardThe finds have been amazing. From carnival glass, Depression glass, jadeite, black glass, pieces of old mason jars and art deco glass, to old decanters, intense blue cobalt, and pink pattered signature pieces, as well.

I call this collection the Eco-Glassica Collection. You will find the feel and density of the pendants to be very tactual and substantial with an energy all its own.

So we have tumbled them and softened their edges and brought them to you as a connection to history and an example of a journey of my artistic exploration.